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King Dean was jealous. The magic mirror had told him that he wasn't the nicest in the land. It was his brother, Prince Sam, who was hiding in the enchanted forest with the enchanted vixen, Carter. He was also mad that the huntress didn't kill him.

"This can't be!" he shouted "I am the fairest in the land. I mean I scare the little brats on the street, but I'm nice to them. I must get rid of him." he spotted a scarf. "And I know just how to do it." an evil smirk danced across his face.

Elsewhere, in the enchanted forest, Prince Sam and Carter were walking to the enchanted river.

"Well, this is as good a spot as any for a picnic."

"Why?" asked the prince.

"The evil king is watching us and we can't go any further near the village. He may even try to send people to kill you. I'm going to go back home to get some music and food. Set up the blanket please. I won't be long."

When Carter was out of sight, a salesman, really the king in disguise, came toward the prince.

"Hey, how are ya? My name is Ken and I'm a traveling salesman. How would you like to buy this awesome scarf."

"I don't have any money on me."

"Hey, that's alright, I'll give it to you on the house."

He handed Sam the scarf. Little did Sam know that the scarf was enchanted. Sam wrapped it around his neck. The scarf got tighter and tighter until the prince was gasping for air. Then finally, the scarf let him go. Sam gave him the scarf back when he caught his breath

"Well maybe it's the forest air that made you choke. I see you have nice hair. How about a nice comb for such a noble prince such as you."

Sam took the comb, little did he know, it was dipped in poison.

"Thanks." Said the prince.

When Ken left. Sam started to comb his hair, then he felt dizzy and collapsed. When Carter came back she found the glowing comb, took it out of the prince's hair and destroyed it. When the prince woke up, he was confused.

"Wha- what happened?"

"The salesman was the king in disguise. He tried to kill you. Sam, I'll be back, I forgot the CDs. Try not to die."

The king check the magic mirror, he was upset that Sam didn't die from the poison comb. He found an apple. He lined it with poison. He disguised himself as an old man. He went to the woods and gave Sam the apple. He smiled wickedly when he walked away. Sam took a bite, and collapsed. When Carter came back. She found the prince asleep.

"No no no no no no no no no no." She said when she found the limp prince.

In the castle, the king was enjoying the prince's "death". He was still disguised as the old man.

"The prince is dead!" shouted King Dean in glee. "Now I can rule the kingdom."

"You have a wicked heart and no matter how nice you seem to be, you'll always be a wicked king!" shouted the magic mirror.

The king turned around.

"You know, you've been a pain in my side, you disrespectful, ungrateful mirror."

The king destroyed the mirror, but then realized his beauty came from the enchanted mirror and remained an old man. He isolated himself in the dungeon, never to be heard from again.

Princess Ruby was riding by when she saw the limp prince. She asked Carter what happened.

"The king poisoned him." explained Carter.

The princess nodded and kissed him good-bye, which woke him up. Carter explained everything again and they all lived happily ever after. Except for king Dean.
Inspired by [link].

Carter belongs to me

Sam, Dean, and Ruby belong to Warner Bros.

Snow White belongs to the Brothers Grimm
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